Monday, August 16, 2010

Crossing The Desert

A few hours ago I was doing some of my candid talking with the almighty. I take so much from those times as they are when I feel the closest to the Lord, like we are old friends just hanging out at the starbucks.

I sat and listened for his answer and it led me to the story of Moses. What a fabulous story. A man who by all accounts should have never lived through infancy in captivity. Raised to be royalty, stood up for his people, left his home, married a good woman(which we all know is essential), stood in the presence of God, and returned to a place where he was a wanted man to free an entire race of people. He is one of the best examples of being a vessel for the Lord's work.

I have left out part of this story. It is the part that was revealed to me this afternoon and is most often overlooked. Moses CROSSED A DESERT to find the path that God had prepared for him. He went without shelter, food, water, and a known direction to hear the Lord and follow through on his life's purpose (which I think we can all agree was a pretty spectacular one).
So many times I am praying to God to lead me to where he wants me. To reveal my purpose. Meanwhile I complain about any deserts that I have to cross. I complain that I am lost or simply don't have the game plan to my life. God led Moses out of the desert to greatness, and I believe he protected him while he was there. I must have faith that he will do the same for me and those that I love.

The Joy of the deliverer!!!

To all of the ones I love who are walking through the desert- The deliverer does not abandon, and he has greatness planned for you on the other side!!!

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